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stark county strip search of a women

A Grand Jury subsequently declined to indict the county deputies involved. Valentina Dyshko incident. Valentina Dyshko, a Ukrainian woman with limited English capability, filed suit alleging that she was the victim of a strip search by male officers at the Stark County Jail. .

Jul 13, 2009 · The county appears to have settled the lawsuit of a woman who said she was wrongly placed on suicide precautions and strip-searched at the Author: Shane Hoover.

Steffey was then taken to the county jail and forcibly strip-searched by 6 to 7 male and female deputies, despite Stark County´s own policy which states that a strip search must be conducted by a same sex officer. She was left in a cell for 6 hours with no clothing or even a blanket and eventually wrapped herself in toilet tissue for warmth and.

Jun 17, 2008 · Fully Nude Strip Search: Male Police Stripping Woman Naked Fully nude strip searches of females are being forcefully conducted by male police officers, against policy, and in Abu Ghraib torture style, in Stark County Ohio. The women are video-taped and left naked for up to six hours.