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What Are Gender Roles in India? | roles of men and women of the asian indian culture

In India, gender roles are determined largely by sex, religion, oppressive tradition and culture, according to The male-dominated culture calls for subordination of women. Dating back to 200 B.C., Indian tradition dictates that a woman's sole purpose in life should revolve around her husband, children and home.

This study focuses on the Asian Indian community in the U.S. to investigate their concerns with the continuity of ethnic identity via maintenance of traditional culture. Intergenerational synchrony in two specific values, attitudes toward women and dating, were examined as indicators of successful transmission of culture and identity.Cited by: 277.

East Asian cultures are based on a traditional societal hierarchy in which women are the lowest members and must show deference to males. Not long ago, Japanese women under forty were not allowed out of the house without good reason, and women were required to use a more humble form of language than men.

Gender and Culture in India. Home; that different in substance, just in scale. The larger difference I see is how men respond to it-whereas many of the men I met in India acknowledge female strength in being more capable of caring for many things, this is hardly commonly acknowledged in American society, and in fact, this role of women is.