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Rubber Care Caring for and getting the most out of your rubber products. It is normal for your rubber wear to arrive looking dull, as it is not polished before sending. Some people prefer to wear it like that but most will want it to have a deep shine.

Coming in contact with latex and rubber products over and over may be part of the reason why it happens. Who Is Affected? About 5% to 10% of health care workers have some form the allergy.

Environmental Technology 787 32-Ounce Casting' Craft Mold Builder, Natural Latex Rubber.

Home / Latex Care. Latex Care. Caring, Wearing, and Storage of Your Rubber. Rubber is an organic material that decays with time. There is nothing you can do about that. But you can treat it properly and extend its lifetime for a decade or more. Over the years we have tried various methods, based in part on manufacturer’s instructions, for the.