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A Vintage Cognac is a Cognac from a single year and a single harvest, not a blend from different eaux-de-vie like an XO or a VSOP. It is also referred to as a Millésime Cognac. We commonly know this from Whisky as “single barrel“, which means the spirit comes .

Vintage Cognac The vast majority of Cognacs are a blend of eaux-de-vie from different years, but a vintage Cognac is a real treat – a snapshot of a particular year, and perfect to mark a .

government warrants that the cognac in the bottle has been aged for a minimum of 5 and a half years. Stars found on cognac labels came from a superstitious shipper of brandy who put a star on his bottles to pay homage to the great "Comet" vintage of 1811, one of the best ever for cognac. Today, French law.

info & advice Information to collectors, antique advertising Soon In this section you will find some informations, like historical details on the old bottles, dating methods and authentication.