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Fertility Center of California, Sperm Bank Inc, is a world-class fertility clinic offering donor sperm, cryopreservation, IUI and fertility testing. Locations in San Diego and Orange County, CA.

The sperm donor program at Sperm Bank Inc offers the highest quality donor sperm candidates. Search our Sperm Donor Database, Buy Donor Sperm, Use a Known Donor or Donate Sperm. Located in San Diego and Orange County, California, we provide sperm banking and freezing, embryo, egg and tissue banking, sex selection, IUI, ICSI and more.

10 reviews of Sperm Bank "Did IUI through this sperm bank and got pregnant the 4th time. It was a very good experience and Moniqua was very helpful (the IUI coordinator). Pros: good office hours, easy to communicate with staff 24/7, Easy 3/5(10).

I believe that a sperm bank that is fully supportive and understanding of intended parents’ unique needs can make the donor insemination process easier. Pacific Reproductive Services understands the societal, cultural, legal and financial issues all types of families face in the decision to pursue artificial insemination with donor sperm.