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Traditionally, marketing to teenagers started by thinking about the basic demographics of the teenage audience. These demographics included things such as gender, race, socioeconomic status, age, religion, and location. Today, the online world trumps many traditional demographics when it comes to making purchases.

Nov 30, 2016 · Marketing to teens can therefore be tough. A product might be the handiest tool or the most practical service yet, if teens cannot make it a symbol of their values, it won't appeal to them. If a marketing effort at teens is to succeed, it must tap into three valuable areas of teen culture. 1.Author: Mostafa Dastras.

Aug 10, 2000 · As an example of the fact that, as the Journal puts it, “the ability to decode marketing messages is like a birthright,” teens reveal that they can tell a good movie trailer from a bad one, and.

Teen marketing is ripe with opportunity, but also challenging to work with since this audience consumes media on multiple platforms. These audiences respond best at different stages of the buyer’s journey through their smartphones, online video, apps, online TV networks, as well as traditional TV and other direct response mediums.