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Spencer Reid/David Rossi; Spencer Reid; David Rossi; Mama Rossi; Dave's sister Rosa; Emily Prentiss; Weddings; Established Relationship; Summary. Mama Rossi heaves a sigh. “You know I’ve heard that before. Three times in fact. I did like his first wife, but two and three, I .

Rossi chafed a bit at the feeling of the grownups breaking off from the children, but he was nursing an exquisite Sangiovese that reminded him of an afternoon he and Spencer had spent at a charming outdoor cafe in Pastena-Lone, and Reid would find him soon enough.

Based on the descriptions Dave gave me of his team, the three that looked up were Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan. "Do you know where I can find David Rossi's office?" I asked and fidled with the strap of my Gucci handbag. "Right up there, baby," Derek stood up and leaned in, "how do you know Rossi?"Reviews: 9.