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If you want to color the box, I would recommend you look at the examples using mdframed given by @GonzaloMedina --- I'm not all that familiar with this package. You might also consider looking at the package tcolorbox (also illustrated by GonzaloMedina), but it also seems to rely on the tikz bundle of packages and libraries.

In the example the words this text are printed in BurntOrange. Open an example of the xcolor package in Overleaf Creating your own colours. It is possible to define your own colours, the manner in which the colour is defined depends on the preferred model. Below an example using the 4 colour models typically supported by any driver.

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I'm trying to put together a LaTeX color box. The xcolor package \fcolorbox seem to be what I want, but I can't get the rendering quite correct. When I use \fcolorbox{black}{red}{} it renders a small box sunken to the bottom of the text line. The best I've managed to do is to fake it with a similar text color.