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Beyonce has some meat on her bones. That's what she feels is sexy for her. Adele has an amazing voice (I know she isn't on this playlist but some of her songs are on mine) but she is a big girl and she is beautiful. We should celebrate the music and not look so hard at the person behind the music.Author: Nicole Nichols.

Two hot sisters do beach workout in Miami Beach that involves sprinting, squats, lunges, swimming, and more. These girls are working out hard to stay in summer for their bikinis.

Our music critics compile an ultimate pump-up playlist of the 50 best workout songs to take to the gym. Some work out to get fit, others do it because they have a bubbling volcano of fury to Author: Andrew Frisicano.

100 Best Workout Songs in the World. Upgrade your playlist for fresh new tunes that'll keep you working out longer and harder. Listen to this playlist created by DJ Dalton in Spotify. The Best Hip-Hop Songs. Music makeovers for any workout, created by editors and DJ Kalkutta.Author: FITNESS Editors.