Common Slang Words for Vagina - vagina bling


Jennifer Love Hewitt tells George Lopez about her vaginal bling vagina bling

Sep 22, 2010 · V Bling. When we first heard about vajazzling, we thought it had to be a joke — a bedazzled hoo-ha seems may improve climax, but inserting something in your vagina likely won't result in Author: Mina Azodi.

Then, head over to your nearest vagina-bedazzling studio and drop trou. As you lie spread-eagled in front of your vajazzling artist, she will adorn your vajay-jay with Swarovski crystals in the design of your choice for a mere $50. One all-too-eager blogger got her goods bedazzled, camera in tow (moderately NSFW).

Mar 10, 2015 · CRYSTALS ON YOUR VAGINA?? Vajazzle aka Vagina Bedazzled Usually the crystals are applied in the area where your pubic hair would grow and not .

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Vagina bling is in. But is it for you? It seems our vaginas have also adopted the notion that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There was a time not too long ago when hair down there was the only variable to contend with when it came to our goods. Today, in addition to all the varieties of grooming we know and employ, our nether-petals, too, can enjoy the benefits.