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Nov 25, 2014 · Rule of Thumb - Hopefully this will remain an old and buried rule. If you don't know what the phrase stems from it's a rule that once allowed a man to be able to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Well let him try it today and he'll be reading this to figure out what he can no longer do without thumbs.Author: Niag.

David Carrier, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Utah, believes our key advantage is the dexterity and configuration of our thumb, which folds over the second and third fingers as a Author: Jerry Adler.

Why Are Opposable Thumb Important? Thumbs don’t have any muscles, they have two phalanges and are short in size at a distance from fingers. Thumbs are quite insignificant and are the most important components of your body. Thumbs did not have physical power, but also have their own communication skills and symbolism.

It isn't necessarily the most important part of the hand, but it is significant. The thumb is the opposing digit which allows us to grasp objects. Why are human thumbs so important? The thumb is.