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Vaginal blisters could be different depending on causes. The ordinary vaginal blisters (not sexually transmitted) pretty much resembles any other blister and may contain fluid or blood. They can have different forms (ovular or circular). Ordinary vaginal blisters may feel like a gel bubble when touched.

Vaginal Blister Diagnosis Options. I f you’re suffering from a vaginal blood blister on the labia, groin or other vaginal area, you’ll want to seek a medical diagnosis. Blisters, even a clear blister, can be a sign of disease or infection.Author: Pobby.

Female genital sores are bumps and lesions in or around the vagina. such as blood work or a culture of the sore. A culture involves taking a swab sample from the affected area and testing it Author: Kristeen Moore.

A blood blister is usually due to some infection, it may be herpes or any other STD. So, they require examination by a doctor. Causes of Blisters Beside Herpes. In girls who are not sexually active, a clogged sebaceous gland (or a pimple) may get filled with blood to form a blister.