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Pro-wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's daughter, Ariel Toombs, works her dad's signature move and puts the Rad Girls in the Sleeper Hold, choking them unconscious in public!

Rad Girls was a stunt and prank television show which aired on the music network Fuse TV and then on MavTV.The show's format was essentially a female version of MTV's Jackass, with three female performers: Ramona Cash, Munchie, and Darling Clementine, doing stunts and pranks that involve disgusting food, bodily excretions, and debauchery.. According to the trio's MySpace page, Fuse Original network: Fuse (2007), MavTV (2008).

Jul 31, 2014 · Welcome to the madness and mayhem of Rad Girls. Ramona, Munchie and Clementine prove that Jackass-style humor isn’t just for the boys, by filming some of the most outrageous stunts and hidden-camera pranks ever seen.3.2/5(9).

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