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Cork expansion strips, joint wood with ceramic tiles, natural stone and carpeting or ceramic tiles and laminated panels. While connecting different types of floors, eg wooden boards with tiles or carpets with laminated panels, it is necessary to ensure proper surface .

Vitrex Cork Expansion Strips 0.6m x 12.5mm 18 Pack (6257H) 11m (18 x 0.6m lengths). For use in expansion gaps to regulate natural movement of wood and laminate flooring.Price: £3.99.

Some issues keep recurring: cork strips among them. A few days ago we received the following email: "I realise the importance of leaving an expansion gap around a .

SELF-EXPANDING CORK EXPANSION JOINT is formed and compressed under heat and pressure to permit expansion up to 140% of original thickness after installation, which allows the filler to compensate for concrete shrinkage. Normal humidity conditions after installation activate the self-expanding properties of .