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The two main forms of reproduction in flowering plants and conifers are sexual by means of seeds and asexual by means of separating and rooting part of a plant, cloning the mother plant. Not all.

Before we discuss the life cycle of conifers, let's get acquainted with the various parts of a conifer that take part in the reproductive process. Coniferous trees reproduce sexually by following the standard pollen-fertilizes-ovum process. Now, based upon gender, conifers can be monoecious as well as dioecious. A conifer (or any other seed Author: Ishani Chatterjee Shukla.

What is the method of reproduction of a conifer? A Flower uses asexual and sexual reproduction the type of asexual reproduction would be Parthenogenesis. and the method of fertilazation is.

Asexual and sexual reproduction. STUDY. PLAY. Asexual reproduction. Only needs the involvement of one part of the organism. It does not require the presence of male and female parts. Asexual reproduction produces offspring that are identical to the parent (share the same genetic material). The conifer produces male and female cones. The.