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An unusual sucking habit in a child year old sucking on thumb breast

My 8-year-old, Michael, had me concerned. He was finishing up third grade and still sucked his thumb. "What can I do to make him stop?" I asked my pediatrician. His grandmother had been successful Author: Scott H. Chandler, MD.

Presence of oral habit in 3–6 year old children is an important finding in the clinical examination. An oral habit is no longer considered as normal for children near the end of this age group. In pre-school children, digit and dummy sucking is a predominant habit, and girls are found to have a.

Why it happens Kids suck their thumbs because it's comforting and calming. Your preschooler probably practiced this habit while she was still in the womb and perfected it as an infant. Now she turns to her thumb when she's tired, scared, bored, sick, or trying to adjust to challenges such as st.

Ten-Year-Old Sucks Thumb. Find out what our expert has to say about a ten-year-old who is still sucking her thumb. Q. My daughter's almost 10 and she still sucks her thumb when she's sleeping or stressed out. It clearly provides a lot of comfort for her and she is somewhat high-strung. Should I be concerned and encourage her to stop?