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Sought out by patients across New Jersey and across the U.S., Dr. Lygas and Dr. Pellegrino specialize in minimally-invasive breast surgery, including oncoplastic surgery, hidden-scar nipple-sparing mastectomy, intraoperative radiotherapy, and lymph node-sparing surgery.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Matthew J. Lynch is recognized as one of New Jersey's leading breast specialists. His advanced fellowship training in breast reconstructive surgery, and years of experience qualify him uniquely for both aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. It is the art and science of medicine combined.

Breast fold skin irritation – Another sign you’re a candidate for breast reduction is if you have skin irritation in the crease under your breasts. Questions for Breast Reduction Surgeons. New Jersey women should make sure to prepare some questions before their first visit with Dr. Comizio.

New Jersey plastic surgeons are very flexible, serving the needs of both an urban and suburban clientele. Many NJ cosmetic surgeons maintain offices in New York City and also practice in their home area of The Garden State. New Jersey is a large state and there are many quality cosmetic surgeons distributed throughout the region, with the heaviest concentration being near the New York City border.