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Halle Berry bared her breasts in SWORDFISH so she could get past her nudity fears in time for her Oscar-winning role in MONSTER'S BALL.. The actress admits she was terrified of exposing herself on film but knew she'd have to conquer those fears to be comfortable in her graphic sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton.. So Berry signed up to play sexy GINGER in Swordfish so she could go topless and Author: WENN.

Halle Berry is the hottest ever black actress in Hollywood. Period. And her nude movie scenes are the stuff of legends. Raise your hands if you still remember that scene in Swordfish where she drops her book and reveals her boobs. We wore out our laserdiscs (yes, way back then) just playing it back.

Jan 24, 2013 · 'Halle Berry dunked her bare breast into a bowl of guacamole on set,' reveals Movie 43 director. The director of new film Movie 43 has revealed Halle Berry's wild on-set antics - which.

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