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Oat Mama Lactation Supplement for Increased Breast Milk, Herbal Nursing Blend with Goats Rue and Milk Thistle to Support and Boost Milk Supply for Breastfeeding Moms, Fenugreek-Free 60 Capsules.

Aug 22, 2017 · Buy Organic Breastfeeding Supplement - Increase Milk Supply with Herbal Lactation Support - Aid for Mothers - Lactation Supplement - Organic: Fenugreek Seed, Fennel & Milk Thistle - 60 Vegan Capsules on Amazon.com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders4/5(1.1K).

Nov 27, 2017 · While popping pills isn’t generally the best solution for your problems, in the case of breast milk production, it really can help. While lactation supplements won’t make your supply turn on like a water faucet, they can make enough of a difference that you may be able to ditch the idea of making up the difference with formula.Reviews: 5.

Apr 13, 2019 · Massaging my breasts while pumping. I’ve been taking fenugreek for about a week gradually increasing the dosage to the 4 capsules 3 times and I don’t smell like maple syrup at all or see an increase in milk supply. Should I keep taking it? Are there other things I .