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Examples of Newly Industrialized Countries. Based on the shift among economies from agricultural development to more industrial pursuits and recent improvements in average standards of living, economies that experts typically include as NICs are China (specifically Hong Kong), India, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey. Others may include Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand.

Alwyn Young. Using the Summers & Heston and OECD data sets, this paper uses simple back of the envelope calculations to show that, as regards productivity growth in the aggregate economy and in manufacturing in particular, the East Asian NICs are not, in general, substantial outliers. The principal lessons to be drawn from.

Jul 01, 1999 · This study examines the trend of commercialization in the broadcast media in Asia's four newly industrialized countries (NICs) - Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong - and its impact and implications. The central theme of this study is to investigate the `Asian characteristics' of media commercialization and their significance and limits.Cited by: 15.

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