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Urinary incontinence is treated at Perito Urology via Slings, Artificial Sphincters, and other urological procedures. About Penile Implant Surgery. Testimonials; Who Should Consider a Penile Implant? Patients traveling to Perito Urology for a penile implant procedure will find that Miami is rich in culture and heritage. Penile implant.

What are penile implants and how much do they cost? If non-surgical management is not effective to treat Erectile Dysfunction, there is another very effective option: a penile prosthesis. A penile prosthesis or a penile implant, is a device that can be used to effectively treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and if implanted by an experienced.

Penile Size After Penile Implant Surgery What about size after penile implant surgery? Understandably so, the size of the penis after a penile implant is a major concern for most penile implant patients. Dr. Eid is committed to bringing each one of his patients the satisfaction they are looking for when they come to the office to discuss penile.

It is estimated that less than 1% of American men are born with this condition. Men that were born with micro penile syndrome often seek treatment and are glad to find out the condition can be permanently corrected. Our surgeons at Morganstern Health treat micro penile syndrome with Author: Rachel Stanton.