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These tumors are typically easier to treat, and have more favorable outcomes. Diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG): These grade IV tumors are extremely aggressive and although they appear to start in the pons, they can grow throughout the brainstem and neighboring structures. As the name suggests, the tumor cells spread out and invade.

Aug 15, 2010 · Pontine tumors are the most common variety of brainstem tumor and unfortunately they also carry the worst prognosis. Pontine gliomas may be, Focal--perhaps tumors and 20% or more of brain stem gliomas. These tumors are more circumscribed (contained within the pons) and occupy.

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Aug 09, 2016 · Immunotherapy may also one day play a role in the treatment of brainstem glioma in adults. Vaccine trials for adult malignant glioma have been conducted for over a decade, but until recently, these trials usually required patients to undergo gross-total or near-gross total resection, which precluded patients with brainstem glioma from Cited by: 9.