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Jul 01, 2013 · Unfortunately my right eye is still suppressed. A possible treatment for adults with amblyopia would be amazing. Please sign me up even if it's just for 4.1/5(51).

The good news for adults with amblyopia is that there is a possibility for improved vision. But there are no guarantees. Every case is different, and every patient must be thoroughly evaluated through a Functional Vision Test.. However, we strongly encourage you to visit a Developmental Optometrist and see if treatment is possible for you.

With early diagnosis and treatment, most children will gain vision. Amblyopia becomes much harder to treat after about 7-9 years of age, so make sure your child gets eye exams early on.

How to Fix a Lazy Eye in Adults: Treatment. Amblyopia (lazy eye) in adults can be treated through three approaches. Note that one or all of these may be required. Ultimately, it will depend upon the individual diagnosis. Vision therapy. Vision therapy is a series of exercises and activities that help a person improve their visual skills. In the.