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May 29, 2017 · With the passing of three adoptees by suicide in just three weeks, I decided this list is much needed for adoptees and adoptive parents. Adoption trauma is a topic that we need to start taking seriously. Adoptees are four times more like to attempt suicide than non-adoptees, yet adoptees rarely receive the mental health therapy they need. Many Author: Jessenia Arias.

After interviewing numerous adult adoptees in my clinical practice over the years--and from my own personal experience as an adult adoptee—I’ve noticed that some of us seem to struggle with.

Adult Adoptees May Feel: I’m happy to discuss therapy, support groups in the area, search angels, or refer to other adoption competent therapists if you’re not in my area. *I work with individuals aged 18 and up. Books about Adoption: The Primal Wound.

therapists who did not address the adoption experience (Sass & Henderson, 2002). Fall 2004 • Volume 4 33 PRAXIS Unique Issues in Psychotherapy with Adult Adoptees Therapists working with adult adoptees must be aware of the countertransferential reactions that may be experienced due to their beliefs about kinship, adoption, and the “need to.