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Adult influences, however, can be both positive and negative, and some adults may be more influential than others. In this study, we focused on the negative influences that nonparental adults can have on adolescents and explored the relationship between exposure to negative nonparental adult behavior and negative youth outcomes.Cited by: 143.

As family physicians, we have tremendous influence on the health of adolescents and young adults. The AAFP encourages you to talk with the parents of your adolescent and young adult patients about.

Influences on Teen Decisions Abstract. Roger A. Rennekamp Assistant Extension Professor, 4-H/Youth Development University of Kentucky-Lexington Today's youth are faced with the challenge of coping with an ever-broadening spectrum of influences on decision making and behavior. Many of these influences have potentially negative effects on growth.

Apr 14, 2008 · This idea includes celebrity influence, parental influence, and the impact of nonprofit organizations. Celebrities influence the attitudes and behaviors of many people, especially teenagers and young adults. This is shown when teens today portray their .