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Sep 01, 2019 · The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Taiwanese global shipments during 2018. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Taiwan. Electrical machinery, equipment: US$144.3 billion (43% of total exports) Machinery including computers: $40.6 billion (12.1%).

If you are a Taiwan importer wishing to represent a U.S. firm or source U.S. products, please visit our Chinese homepage.. If you are a Taiwan investor wanting to invest in the U.S., please call us at +8862-2162-2641 or email to [email protected] for more information.

Taiwan's export-oriented industrial economy is the 21st-largest in the world, with major contributions from steel, machinery, electronics and chemicals manufacturing. Taiwan is a developed country, ranking 15th in GDP per capita. It is ranked highly in terms of political and civil liberties, education, health care and human development.Calling code: +886.

Taiwan is a modern consumer society in which status is measured by wealth and marked by the commodities one can afford to buy, such as automobiles, clothes, and homes, as well as one's lifestyle. A person can live very cheaply in the countryside in a modest apartment, buying produce from an outdoor market, eating at street stands, and.