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Pirates of the Caribbean: Return of the Flying Dutchman by WriterfromWarDrobe A pearl that can control sea, time, and immortality. The Flying Dutchman is without a captain.

Located: Pirates of the Caribbean (All) > Het - Male/Female: This is a fan fiction focused on James Norrington on the Island of uga after he resigned his commission at Port Royal for failing to bring back Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl. ** Content Tags: COMPLETE Tort.

Oct 26, 2014 · 1715. The Golden Age of Piracy was on the way, and pirates and reavers ruled the High Seas. Those seeking adventure and new hopes travel across the new world and lands. That included the notoriously famous Arthur Kirkland, whom his crew and himself were sailing to the heart of the Caribbean. But be.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Movies) Modern AU. Commanding Detective James Norrington, the young lead officer on a new case, is struggling. Recently dumped by the governor's daughter, beaten by an outlaw gang called The Black Pearl, and having made a decision that almost cost him his career, he doesn't hold out much hope for his future.