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The Parentified Child: How It Contributes to a Depressed, Angry, and Resentful Adult | WeHaveKids parentification symptoms on adults

Jun 03, 2013 · Parentified children, grown into adults who never had a childhood become either super responsible or irresponsible to the max. We often see this in .

As previously mentioned, neglect such as parentification can be and often is traumatic for a child as well as for the adult he or she becomes (Aldridge, 2006; Alexander, 1992; Chase, 1999; Jurkovic, 1998).

parentification of one or more child within the family system include maternal sexual abuse history, low maternal socio-economic status, physical and mental illness, addiction, divorce, single-parent households, intrusive parenting styles, and adult attachment issues (Barnett & Parker, 1998; Earley & Cushway, 2002; Macfie, McElwain, et al., 2005).

A second effect of having been emotionally parentified as a child is that we may become adults who are predisposed to outbursts of extreme anger and rage, especially in situations which trigger, consciously or unconsciously, memories of having been abused in childhood.