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Anyone having bladder pains while peeing, I’m not sure if it’s my bladder exactly, after surgery in the hospital. I use to think it was the c-section incision just sore, but now that I’m 2 weeks PP and back to my normal self, I realize it’s either my urethra, or bladder or something of the sort, it feels so bruised and sore when I try to push to pee, it almost takes my breath away.

Causes of Pain When Urinating After C Section. It is not uncommon to experience pain when you pee after childbirth. This happens more often in a vaginal delivery, but can also occur after a cesarean delivery. In most cases, pain when urinating is normal birth trauma that should go away as your body recovers from surgery.

I had a C-section 8 weeks ago and I notice whenever I pee my uterus will cramp up really tight. A little after my C-section it was worse to the point where I sometimes couldn't even breath it hurt so bad, now it's not so painful but it's still there and I feel crampy like menstrual cramps almost an hour afterwards.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this I have pain in my bladder while I am peeing. Mostly when my bladder is about to be empty. Doesn't necessarily feel like a UTI. Just wondering of anyone else is dealing with this after c-section.