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Free One Act Plays "Super Dead Man" Short comedy play for seven actors "Touched by an Alien" Short comedy about space explorers that discover a new kind of alien. 5 actors of any gender (plus possible non-speaking roles). "Man of Metropolis" Short romantic comedy play for 2 m 1 f about finding a super man and falling in love "Pity the Fool" Short play about an artist looking for some pity.

The coming of Jed Crest – British one act plays. The Duck of the Baskervilles – punful Sherlock Holmes play. The End of Class – Teen sci-fi comedy. The Game of Life – one act comedy plays for 6 actors. The Golden years – comedy script for seniors. The love of Cheesecake – adult comedy in one act.

Browse scripts for one-act plays on-line from the 913 titles published by Lazy Bee Scripts. Drill-down by genre, including drama, comedy, farce, thriller and whodunnit, by length or by cast size. All the scripts can be read in full on the Lazy Bee Scripts web site.

Sep 04, 2018 · THE LOVE OF CHEESECAKE – COMEDY AND ONE ACT PLAY FOR ADULTS. In this one act play for adults, Molly, a slightly tubby housewife is rather desperate because she feels that the spark has gone out of her marriage to the very predictable Arthur and she doesn’t know what to do about it.