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Nursing Adult Education: Overview of Nursing Career Education Programs Your opportunities in the nursing field are only limited by how far you are willing to advance. You could work as a licensed.

Nursing education is not only a matter of memorization but also of understanding, internalization and application. Adults give more attention in learning instruction that have immediate importance to their personal life or career. Lessons must consider the learners’ big array of diverse backgrounds.Author: Danela Cosejo.

Aug 23, 2003 · Adults - the majority of the clients are chronic, and their illnesses run from A to Z. Currently on the unit are people diagnosed with major depressive disorder with psychosis and suicide ideation, bipolar (admitted in the manic phase and is now stabilizing), schizophrenia, and dual diagnosis with heroin/ETOH/cocaine addiction.

The science of adult learning (andragogy) involves the understanding and supporting of lifelong learning in adult learners, and also developing the teaching of adult learners (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2011). We will refer regularly to the work of Malcolm Knowles, the godfather of adult learning theory. Now I am sure we will be interchanging between.