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Stories, Series, and Universes by Marc Nobbs at Storiesonline. (premier members only) A Westmouthshire Universe Story When Dave Cartwright sees an ad in the local newspaper offering twenty-seven inches of Prime British Beef, it plants the seed of an idea which leads to a unique celebration his wife's upcoming fortieth birthday and a night that neither one of them will ever forget.

A knobbieknobbs Original from Back in The Day A Lads holiday in the sun that should have been filled with sex, sex and more sex, had resulted in nothing more than a few snogs and the odd handful of tit until Jon meets a pair of sisters sunbathing topless by the pool.

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The Home of Marc Nobbs, Britian's Gentleman Author of Erotica and Erotica Romance and creator of the Westmouthshire series of Novels I added about three thousand words to The Truths We Live pushing it past the seventy-five thousand word mark. I didn’t write every day last week, but on the days I did I was adding between five-hundred to a.