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An adult cat’s personality may be set, but his affections aren’t — a grown cat bonds with you just as tightly as a kitten does. Adult cats may even be more likely to appreciate you for taking them in. Most people still choose a kitten over a cat; such is the power of packaging.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, kitten food must contain a minimum of 22 percent protein and 8 percent fat. Adult cat foods contain a minimum of 18 percent protein and 5 percent fat. The extra amino acids and essential fatty acids contained in these ingredients help with healthy tissue growth for your little one.

If you work outside your home, and the cat will be alone all day, an adult cat is a better choice. Kittens on their own tend to be lonely and can get into trouble while looking for amusement. Older cats sleep more and are satisfied entertaining themselves. Adult cats are already litter box trained and know how to .

Sep 11, 2011 · There are a lot of differences between a kitten and a cat. Aside from the obvious age disparity, the two have their own peculiar set of characteristics as well. Felis catus, the scientific name for a common cat, is a domesticated animal that many regard as a type of feline. It is loved by humans 5/5(1).