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Sep 30, 2014 · They often do not put much in the way of raising the case up more. So I would put something down like a stiff board or something. I would rather see the power supply on top with ventilation on top of case but generally this is the trend now to put power supply at bottom. This bottom design also means that your CPU power supply cable must be longer.

Jul 05, 2008 · Top VS. Bottom mounted power supply. Having it at the top of the case will force it to exhaust all the time the hot air the components are heating up and so will force the PSU to work at higher temperatures, thus reducing its life and maybe its efficiency too. At the bottom, the PSU will always suck cold air from outside the case, reducing its operating temperature substantially.

Oct 26, 2014 · Fan on bottom. The air flow goes into the PSU then out the back. If the fan is on top, it creates a suction effect that will hold the air in the case keeping it more still. This still air becomes hotter over time. In from the lower half of the PC, Out from the upper half of the PC.

Oct 23, 2014 · Ideally, you want the fan facing down, since it is the intake, if you have a bottom intake vent for the PSU (which your 590 does). This makes the PSU be a separate circulation system, that takes air from outside (cool), instead of sucking in warm air from your case, and exhausts it outside (warm). This is ideal, but not critical.Cooling: TT Water 3.0 Performer + 2 x Cougar 120mm fan, 1 x 120mm Blue LED, 1 x 200 mm Red LED fan.