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6 Effective Strategies for Teaching Adults how to teach adult ed

Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency Diploma Teachers. ESL teachers teach students how to write, read, listen and speak in English. Adult basic education teachers instruct adults whose skills fall below an eighth grade level in the basic areas of science, writing, .

Sep 10, 2018 · It’s your job to listen carefully for teaching moments and take advantage of them. When a student says or does something that triggers a topic on your agenda, be flexible and teach it right then. If that would wreak havoc on your schedule, which is often the case, teach a bit about it rather than saying flat out that they’ll have to wait until later in the program.

To work in adult education or private tuition, you might need a degree in your area of expertise, a formal education qualification (e.g. PGCE, BEd etc.), or significant professional experience in a certain vocational area. Alternatively, you could study for a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning .

How to Become an Adult Education Teacher. Most states require adult educators to hold a teaching certificate, especially for government-run adult literacy programs. Other states require certificates especially for the field of adult education. Certificates may be earned through approved teacher-training programs.