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However, hearing with a cochlear implant is different for each and every recipient. This is because hearing with a cochlear implant is different from “normal” hearing: it takes time for someone’s ears to adjust to the new sound stimulations from a cochlear implant, and for the brain to learn what these sounds and sensations mean.Author: Donna Sperandio.

Hearing aids provide important benefit for the majority of people with hearing loss. Cochlear implants provide meaningful access to sound for those with more severe hearing loss. Only 5% of US adults who could benefit from CIs have them. The average primary care medical practice includes 8 adult patients who would benefit from a cochlear implant.

Cochlear implant surgery is irreversible, so you should make sure that your hearing loss cannot be treated with hearing aids before proceeding any further. The process of getting a cochlear implant (CI) assessment is not the same for everyone. In some cases, the type of medical insurance you have plays an important role.

Cochlear™ Hybrid™ Hearing* is a combination of hearing aid and cochlear implant technologies, which use electro-acoustic input. It uses acoustic amplification of the natural low-frequency hearing your child may have after surgery, while taking advantage of cochlear implant technology to restore access to the sounds they are missing.