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Leia stared Han down with her trademark scowl. Her only defense was to make it sound like Han's fault, which it had been, in part. "Now," Han continued. "If you're finished, I'll just take my seat back and get us moving." Leia stepped further away from Han's seat, and motioned for him to sit. Han bowed his head in thanks, and sauntered to his.

Set just before the events of The Empire Strikes Back, Leia acknowledges to herself that she has fallen for Han who then throws her a curveball one evening by being nice to her. As Han encourages Leia to grieve for her people, Leia gets her wires crossed and they find themselves back in familiar territory until Han forces her to confront her.

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The ship lurched again, throwing Leia across the cabin. Han caught her and pulled her to him. Then, abruptly, the motion stopped. It suddenly occurred to Leia that she was in Han's arms. Oh no oh no oh no "Let go," she told him. It was hard enough being stuck with him in the Falcon, having to be this close to him was a little too much to.