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CIRCLIST Member experience - an adult circumcision in Canada using a Gomco clamp. Gomco Clamp Circumcision of a 22 Year Old Canadian Male. A CIRCLIST Member True Experience. UTC. Date: - Soon to be circumcised in Montreal! My physician has finally obtained a Gomco clamp in my size. And, with a little time off work, I should be able.

The Gomco clamp is a surgical instrument used to perform circumcision in all age groups, but is mainly used in newborn circumcision. It is the leading instrument for newborn circumcision in the US. The World Health Organization describes it as having "an impeccable safety record.". After retracting the foreskin, the Gomco bell is placed over the glans at the level of the corona and the.

The Gomco clamp is commonly used to perform circumcisions. It consists of three parts: a metal plate with a hole at one end, a round metal cap, and a screw device. The foreskin is first separated from the glans and cut lengthwise to expose the glans (A). Then the cap is placed over the glans (B).

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