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Adult Protective Services (APS) is the state entity charged with investigating all reports of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation of older persons (65+) or an adult (18+) with a disability who do not reside in long-term care facilities pursuant to the Disabled Adults and Elder Persons Protection Act, O.C.G.A. §§ 30-5-1, et seq. TYPES OF ABUSE.

Report Abuse of Elder Persons or Adults with Disabilities Report on the web: Click HereNote: The online reporting form is not compatible with Internet Explorer 10.

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Adult Protective Services uses a region-based multi-disciplinary approach to meet the needs of vulnerable disabled and senior adults in the State of Georgia. The toll-free number to report abuse is 1-888-774-0152 or in Metro Atlanta, 404-657-5250. Georgia Department of Human Resources Office of Communications February 2008.