5 Resources for Free Reading and Adult Literacy Education Online - free adult literacy resource


US Adult Literacy – An ESOL Resource from University Settlement's Adult Literacy Program free adult literacy resource

Literacyworks* Learner Web Portal (formerly LINCS Learner Web) –Professional Dev for Adult Educators (create a free account to access resource) *Literacyworks and Literacy Works are separate, unaffiliated organizations. TEAL/Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy; .

Free Blended Learning Teacher Guide, Articles, blogs, and adult literacy education resources.

The following is a list of FREE websites that can help you supplement or even plan your lessons – whether you’re working with an ESL/ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) student or an ABE (Adult Basic Education) student.

The DC Public Library offers adult literacy services through the Adult Literacy Resource Center (ALRC). The ALRC provides literacy services to young adults (16 years +) and adults and is staffed with adult literacy education specialists. We have instructional, informational and leisure reading materials for adult developing readers and speakers of other languages.We also provide resource.