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how to get your adult verification pass. Sign up to our discreet monthly re-bill, for immediate access. There's no minimum term – cancel whenever you like! Just follow the instructions in My Settings to cancel, or give us a call 24/7. Transactions are discreet and appear simply as "Faceparty.com".

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We need to set a CoOkiE on your computer, so we can log you in. If you have cookies disabled, we won't be able to do this. Check the help section of your browser or .

“Unfortunately Faceparty is now just a load of chavvish ” Written on: 27/12/2010 Unfortunately Faceparty is now just a load of chavvish nonsense. Why on earth anyone would want to pay these people £25 considering their track record, and the fact the AVS (Adult Verification System) is practically impossible to cancel once subscribed (by the way cancelling your card with your bank does 1.8/5(96).