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I received a free sample of Eukanuba Premium Performance 30/20 from Eukanuba to let my dog try. My dog loved it. I noticed that my dog would gobble it down extremely quick. He seemed to like it more than any other brand. He about knocked me down every time I filled his bowl up trying to get to it.4.6/5(232).

Aug 12, 2016 · Contains One (1) 29-Lb. Bag Of Eukanuba Premium Performance Adult 30/20 Dog Food For Working And Sporting Dogs (Packaging May Vary) Our Premium Performance Dog Food Is Made With Our Highest Levels Of Protein And Fat (30/20) To Promote Lean Muscle And Sustained Energy For Peak Performance3.8/5(65).

Whether they’re helping people or simply enriching our lives, dogs have extraordinary potential. That’s why EUKANUBA ™ adult dog food provides nutrition to help them look and feel their best—with 100% high-quality nutrition and zero fillers.

Eukanuba Premium Performance Adult Dog Food provides dogs with higher levels of energy and a number of other nutritional benefits. Created with a great chicken flavor, this delicious dry dog food will help your dog to perform at peak levels in his everyday life.