Viral infection leading to brain dysfunction: more prevalent than appreciated? - brain processing disorders adult viral infection


brain processing disorders adult viral infection

Oct 15, 2009 · In summary, the same mechanisms of infection described above that make it difficult to prove viral causation of brain disease also make it equally difficult to reject viral hypotheses for CNS dsyfunction. Viruses probably do constitute an unrecognized direct or indirect cause of a number of neurological syndromes.Cited by: 20.

Sometimes a brain infection, a vaccine, cancer, or another disorder triggers a misguided immune reaction, causing the immune system to attack normal cells in the brain (an autoimmune reaction). As a result, the brain becomes inflamed. If triggered by an infection, the .

Otherwise healthy people with classic signs of acute brain infection can usually be diagnosed promptly. The challenge is when someone has a less severe brain infection, such as chronic or partially treated meningitis, encephalitis, or other rare infections. A doctor looks for particular clinical signs when examining a patient.

Processing disorders, like auditory processing disorder, visual processing disorder, and sensory processing disorder are caused by a deficiency in a person’s ability to effectively use the information gathered by the senses. The issue is not the result of impaired hearing, impaired vision, attention disorders, intellectual disability, or learning deficit.