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Cardiac output is defined as the amount of blood your heart pumps. Learn about the normal output rate, how it's measured, and causes of low cardiac output. Usually, an adult heart pumps about Author: Matt Smith.

Cardiac index (CI) is a haemodynamic parameter that relates the cardiac output (CO) from left ventricle in one minute to body surface area (BSA), thus relating heart performance to the size of the individual. The unit of measurement is litres per minute per square metre (L/min/m 2).

Normal Hemodynamic Parameters and Laboratory Values Normal Hemodynamic Parameters – AdultNormal Hemodynamic Parameters – Adult Cardiac Index (CI) CO/BSA 2.5-4.0 L/min/m2 Stroke Volume (SV) CO/HR x 1000 60-100 mL/beat Adult Normal Blood Laboratory Values Normal Hemodynamic Parameters – Adult.

Annual trends in the incidence of adult in-hospital cardiac arrest in the United States. The average number of index cardiac arrests occurring in hospitalized adult patients between 20was estimated at 292 000 (95% prediction interval, 217 600–503 500) cases per year.Author: Mathias J. Holmberg, Mathias J. Holmberg, Catherine E. Ross, Garrett M. Fitzmaurice, Garrett M. Fitz.