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Gas Fetish - Videos Some of the readers here will understand what I mean by "gas fetish." Otherwise known as "medical fetish," this is the fetish of being a patient in a dental surgery or more general surgery, and being placed under gas as a general anaesthetic.Author: Alex Greene.

Mar 26, 2011 · So heres an interesting one I dont recall seeing discussed here. In a couple of weeks at the age of 40+ I get to be anesthetized for the first time. No biggie, just a tooth-pulling at the dentist with nitrous oxide, but its the 1st time Ive ever gone through such a thing and Im pretty nervous. Li.

The Sleep Experiment Price $14.99 Pics 86 Run time 44min. There patient is bound to the hospital bed as she is given oxygen right before the sleep experiment begins. They calm her as the gas hisses through the anesthesia mask. She breathes in deep but needs more sditive through the IV. She falls asleep and the mask is strapped to her head.