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In culinary terminology, squab is a young domestic pigeon, typically under four weeks old, or its meat. The meat is widely described as tasting like dark chicken.The term is probably of Scandinavian origin; the Swedish word skvabb means "loose, fat flesh". It formerly applied to all dove and pigeon species, such as the wood pigeon, the mourning dove, the extinct-in-the-wild socorro dove, and Carbohydrates: 0.00.

Sorting young squab from mature pigeons is also an easy activity. The farmer gathers his squab in a crate. When the crate is opened and shaken vigorously, any birds that fly away are not squab but adult pigeons. No one farms squab to make a fortune.

Squab, or young pigeon, raised with no antibiotics or hormones, in open barns and humane, stress-free conditions. Our cooperative of farms specializes in the complex methods of raising squab, giving them a high-protein diet of grains. Squab offers red, tender and lean meat with a unique taste, which makes it a popular choice on game menus.Brand: D'Artagnan.

Fine squab (young pigeon) meat for sale. Restaurant quality, sold in bulk & shipped via FedEx Overnight. Whole squab & semi-boneless squab available.