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Jul 24, 2012 · Moreover, a significant difference between adult and embryonic stem cells is that the adult stem cells are present in adult tissues while embryonic stem cells are present in the early development at the blastocyst stage. Summary – Adult vs Embryonic Stem Cells. The key difference between adult and embryonic stem cells lies in their potency.Author: Samanthi.

Jan 04, 2018 · Another important difference between adult vs embryonic stem cells is embryonic stem cells grow easily in the laboratory, while adult stem cells are difficult to grow. This is an important difference, in that it takes large numbers of cells to create stem cell replacement therapies. Adult vs Embryonic Stem Cells in the LabAuthor: Lori Allen.

Adult stem cells are rare in mature tissues, so isolating these cells from an adult tissue is challenging, and methods to expand their numbers in cell culture have not yet been worked out. This is an important distinction, as large numbers of cells are needed for stem cell replacement therapies.

May 07, 2009 · · Wound Healing: 114 for embryonic stem cells vs. 330 for adult mesenchymal stem cells, 565 for adult epithelial stem cells For a more detailed analysis, take a look at the American Stem Cell Therapy Assocition (ASCTA) white paper on adult stem cells vs. embronic stem cell research.