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Adult Swim Lessons | YMCA of the Triangle adult swimming classes

The Red Cross offers adult swim lessons through our innovative, learn-at-your-own-pace Learn-to-Swim program. Developed for older teens and adults, our program gives adult swimmers at every level the opportunity to improve their skills in a safe environment – and under the guidance of a trained instructor.

Adult swim lessons are for people age 13 and older. Participants are evaluated on the first day of class and placed accordingly. Whether you want to be a proficient lap swimmer, learn to float or acquire water safety skills, we are committed to working on your goals.

This is a dangerous assumption, as swimming is not a natural instinct. Another common misconception is that swimming lessons are only for children. Wrong! Swimming lessons can be done by people of all ages, and taking adult swimming lessons is the only way 5/5(479).

YMCA adult swimming classes are available at multiple branches and include classes for beginners, advanced swimmers and seniors. Adult Swimming. Register Now! The YMCA Swim Lesson Curriculum is a core group of aquatic skills every person needs to be safe around water. As the foundation of our program, these skills allow students to learn.