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The Word "Adult" in Example Sentences Page 1. 2247918 I'm an adult. CK 1 2107331 We're adults. CK 1 2272937 Tom is an adult. CK 1 2218080 You're an adult. CK 1 2549335 I'm an adult now. CK 1 2240553 We're both adults. CK 1 2218114 You're both adults. CK 1 1550001 Tom is an adult now.

How to use adult in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word adult? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Since the creation of faith is exclusively God's work, it does not depend on the actions of the one baptized, whether infant or adult.

Adult sentencing. What is a sentence? A sentence is the penalty that is given to an offender who has pled guilty or who has been found guilty after a trial. A sentence is different from diversion or a peace bond because the judge must make a finding of guilt before a sentence can be given.

An adult sentence can be imposed only after a youth justice court determines under section 72 of the YCJA that a youth sentence would “not be of sufficient length to hold the young person accountable for his or her offending behaviour.” If the youth justice court determines that an adult-length sentence is appropriate, the youth cannot be placed in an adult facility until reaching the age of eighteen years, .