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Overview To recognize members for their tenure in Scouting. Who Can Earn This Award? Any youth or adult member who have at least one year of tenure in Scouting. How To Get the Award Purchase at Scout shop. Supply Item Description & Uniform Placement Stars for one year to 90 years—black for stars; gold for [ ].

All youth or adult leaders who have reached one year of tenure with the Boy Scouts of America are eligible to begin wearing service stars. The stars are an underused outward symbol of how long you’ve been involved and a quick way for new Scouts, parents and leaders to see who has Scouting experience.

Service Stars Just as you recognize Cub Scouts with service stars, adult leaders are also eligible to receive these pins. After one year of service an adult may be presented with a one-year service star. An adult who has been involved in Scouting as a youth or has been involved for more than five years is also eligible for the Veteran Award.

Aug 19, 2018 · Service stars may be worn by all youth and adult members who have at least one year of tenure with the Boy Scouts of America. The stars are worn with the appropriate color background for the phase of Scouting in which the service was rendered. If an individual's primary registration is in one phase of Scouting and later in another, separate stars with the appropriate background and .